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National Assembly Nigeria
Nigerian Oil Refinery
The National Theatre Nigeria
Kunta Kinteh Island Nigeria
Lagos bar beach Nigeria
Lagos Island Nigeria
Abuja National Christian Centre
Abuja National Mosque Nigeria
Olumo Rock Nigeria
Victoria Island Nigeria
Zuma Rock Nigeria
Yankari National Park Nigeria
Obudu Cattle Ranch Nigeria
Obudu Cattle Ranch Nigeria
Austrian Parliament
Hofburg Palace Austria

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation in Europe, (NIDOE) Austria, is a non-profit organisation created to provide a platform for Nigerians residing in Austria, to participate in the development of Nigeria. It is committed to tapping into the knowledge and skills of Nigerians in Austria in a joint effort with other Nigerians in the Diaspora worldwide for the development of Nigeria. It is a platform for Nigerian academicians and professionals for networking amongst one another in the Diaspora as well as at home, and with the Nigerian Government and other public Agencies.

About Nigeria

Regions and Statistics

Area: 923,766

Population:  ~120 million

Capital: Abuja

Government: Three-tier structure - A Federal Government, 36 State Governments, 774 Local Government Administrations

Official Language: English

Main Indigenous Languages: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Traditional

Currency: NAIRA and KOBO N1.00 = l00k (one naira = hundred kobo)

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